A Guide to the Aeneid


Embark on a meticulously designed 12-week exploration of Vergil's magnum opus, the "Aeneid." This comprehensive guided reading, curated by experts in classical literature, is structured to offer participants an immersive journey through the text, its themes, its cultural significance, and its enduring influence.

Book 1: Storm and Banquet
The journey begins with a storm instigated by Juno, which strikes Aeneas's fleet. Finding refuge on the shores of Carthage, Aeneas encounters the compassionate Queen Dido and begins recounting the tale of Troy's fall.

Book 2: The Fall of Troy
Delve deep into the heart of the Trojan War, with Aeneas narrating the cunning ruse of the wooden horse, the grim fate of Laocoön, Cassandra's ignored prophecies, and the hero's own harrowing escape.

Book 3: Wanderings
Join Aeneas as he narrates the Trojans' subsequent travels. From one place to another, they seek a new homeland, guided by prophecies and omens, facing both hospitality and hostility.

Book 4: Dido's Passion and Death
Dido and Aeneas fall deeply in love, but Aeneas is reminded of his duty to find a new home in Italy. Dido feels betrayed and, in her despair, takes her own life, setting a pyre ablaze.

Book 5: Funeral Games and a Journey to the Underworld
On their way to Italy, the Trojans stop at Sicily, where they hold funeral games for Anchises, Aeneas's deceased father. Aeneas then descends to the Underworld, guided by the Sibyl, to meet the spirit of Anchises who shows him the future heroes of Rome.

Book 6: Aeneas's Vision of the Future
In the Underworld, Aeneas meets several shades, including Dido's, and speaks with his father, Anchises. Anchises shares prophecies of Rome's greatness, giving Aeneas a clearer understanding of his mission.

Book 7: War in Italy
The Trojans finally reach Italy. Here, influenced by Juno and Allecto, the local tribes led by Turnus, king of the Rutulians, rise against the newcomers, setting the stage for a climactic conflict.

Book 8: Shield of Aeneas
Aeneas seeks allies and is granted a divinely crafted shield by his mother, Venus. The shield depicts scenes from the future history of Rome, foreshadowing its destined glory.

Book 9: Siege of the Trojan Camp
In Aeneas's absence, Turnus lays siege to the Trojan camp. Two young Trojan warriors, Nisus and Euryalus, attempt a daring night raid but tragically perish.

Book 10: Battles and Deaths of Heroes
The war intensifies with gods taking sides. Aeneas returns and many heroes, including Pallas (Aeneas's young ally) and Lausus, die in the fierce battle.

Book 11: A Temporary Truce
Both sides mourn their dead, and a temporary truce is agreed upon for burials. However, hostilities soon resume, leading to further tragic deaths.

Book 12: The Final Duel and Death of Turnus
The epic culminates in a single combat between Aeneas and Turnus. Despite pleas for mercy, Aeneas kills Turnus in revenge for the death of Pallas, solidifying the Trojans' foothold in Italy and setting the stage for the future rise of Rome.

Beyond this primary traversal of the epic, our program integrates judiciously chosen secondary reading materials — scholarly articles, critical essays, and contextual pieces. These supplements, drawn from the annals of academic discourse, provide readers with a holistic view, enabling them to understand the Aeneid within the vast tapestry of classical literature.

Engage in vibrant discussions, exchange diverse perspectives, and address any arising questions, guaranteeing an active, enriching literary experience, rather than mere passive reading.

Originally valued at $9.99, this course, tailored for in-depth engagement with one of antiquity's most pivotal epics, is now offered at just $4.99. This 50% reduction is a limited-time gesture to foster appreciation for classical literature. Prospective participants are advised to act swiftly to secure their place in this transformative journey.

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A Guide to the Aeneid

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